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June 2024


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See below what the French printer of my book, ESCOURBIAC*, published on his website:

“Shows from the inside”, from 1978 to present, photographs by Louis-Olivier Ostrowsky — Shows from the inside is a photography book about performing artists, seen from the inside by Louis-Olivier Ostrowsky, better known by his stage name: the magician Omar Pasha. From 1978 to 2022, over a period of 44 years, Louis-Olivier Ostrowsky “Omar Pasha” toured all over the world, and took the opportunity to photograph acrobats, clowns, comedians, dancers, jugglers, magicians, musicians he performed with. This beautiful 160-pages book is a tribute to the world of entertainment and the people who make it: artists, technicians, producers. More than 180 artists and professionals are presented in this self-published book and published in 3 languages, French, English and German.”

*ESCOURBIAC the printer of my book was named 3 times best French printer of photography books.

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MY PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK IS FOR SALE ON THIS WEBSITE, I am delighted to inform you about the publication of : Shows from the inside” » (© 2023 L.-O. Ostrowsky) — Landscape format 21,6 x 30,3 cm (8,5 x 11,93 inches).

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“Shows from the inside“ book cover


Shows from the inside”, a photography book about performing artists (acrobats, clowns, comedians, dancers, jugglers, magicians, musicians…), that I have taken from 1978 to present. They are seen from the inside, mostly backstage. This book spans a period of 44 years along the international contracts of the magic act Omar Pasha.                                                                                                             

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Tap dancer Thea McIntyre from the comedy act The Jelly Rolls. Berlin – 1992/93

With my parents, who presented the renowned magic act Omar Pasha, I have travelled the world since the age of 13, while continuing my studies. I also trained in professional photography. At the age of 19, I became Omar Pasha’s assistant before taking the lead role from 2010. 

This book, part of the “Fine book” category, is a tribute to the artists (and technicians, producers, etc.) and I show them as they are in their humanity. It may also be some sort of a chronicle of these international performers’ profession. 

“Shows from the inside” features photos of more than 180 artists and other professionals, in 39 shows around the world, including texts in English, French and German. 

This book is designed in Australia by Pasi Ihalainen, excellent creative director and printed by Escourbiac, recognized three times best French printer of photography books.

Since July 2023, I have the honor of having my book also for sale at the Bookstore of the Maison Européenne de la Photographie (European House of Photography) in Paris. The MEP is the most important French institution dedicated to this art. Its bookstore offers the greatest books’ choice about photography. 

And since early October, I also have my book for sale at the Librairie o. (Bookstore o.) at the famous Théâtre du Rond Point in Paris, close to the the Champs-Elysées. Among other this Bookstore o. is dedicated to theater and performing arts.

It is probably prudent to check the availability of the book before going to the bookstore.

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It is my pleasure to inform you of the forthcoming publication of my photography book : “Shows from the inside” (© 2023 L.-O. Ostrowsky) – Landscape format 21,6 x 30,3 cm (8,5 x 11,93 inches).

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The magician Sam Angelico

Outside of the magic and the Omar Pasha act (a career spanning 39 years and in the lead role for 13 years !) photography has always been a passion based on a professional training. 

I am about to publish a photography book regarding the performing artists’ profession seen from the inside. Started in the midst of the Coronavirus epidemic, first to escape the confinement void, I worked passionately on this book, bringing together 44 years of photographs, showing, especially offstage, more than 180 music-hall / Vaudeville artists and other professionals. These pictures will be accompanied by texts in three languages: English, French and German. 

This book is what is known as a “Fine book”, designed in Australia by Pasi Ihalainen—iTank, creative director and printed in France by Escourbiac. 

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Omar Pasha has been invited to perform in November 2022 in this International Festival, at the famous and huge Christmas Theater, organized by the master of illusions Jorgos also performing himself.

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This picture was taken after the last show’s finale. On the first row in a white shirt is the native Greek Jorgos, living in Germany, with three of his dancers, on his right is Τakamitsu Uchida from Japan. On the second row, from left to right: Αndre Βlake from Germany with his two partners on his left and right; an other Jorgos’ dancer, Anca & Lucca from Austria, Ramo & Alegria from Spain, Omar Pasha from France, an other Jorgos dancer; and Τakamitsu Uchida’s partner.                                                                                                   

Read also: Athens, «Las Vegas Magic Festival»

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Two years! The Coronavirus has stopped so many activities, including shows. However, this suspended time allowed me a retrospective return to photography. This will lead to the publication of a book in 2023 about the performing artists profession seen from inside, since 1978, along Omar Pasha’s international career. Thus, I had the opportunity to approach my professional photographic training under a new aspect.

In fact, photography is my second passion.

The pictures (from more than 180 artists) will come with texts, in three languages, like a chronicle over so many years and so many artists I met.

So, the serious health situation has paradoxically offered me the time of a positive work. I hope you will share it with me soon.

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In our dressing room, Omar Pasha, Ernest and Louis, in the opening costumes of the “Hidden Palace” revue at the Jupiters Casino, Gold Coast, Australia, 2002.

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MARVYN ROY, American magician   

1925 – 2020 

Dear Marvyn, you survived your dear Carol for 11 years. You are, both of you, in our hearts. There is a very special spot with you in our memories. 

We met three times, along the years :                                                                             

– 1987, during 5 months, we worked together in Germany, for the famous magical Tour in the biggest cities of the country : «Zauber Zauber – The Great Masters of Magic». * 

– 1992, during several days, again in Germany, we have been together working at “The Magic Hands” shows close to Stuttgart.

– 2002, we had a joyful meeting in Las Vegas.

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After a press conference, three of the magicians from the “Zauber Zauber” Tour : Milo (from the comic act Milo and Roger), Norm Nielsen and Marvyn Roy (Mr Electric) – 1987

You were always the first arrived in the dressing rooms, before the shows. Marvyn, you prepared the props for the “Mr Electric” act. For about ten minutes of elegant, brilliant and fabulous magic on stage, there was a meticulous preparation time. Each of your magical appearances happened in a precise timing, emphasized with charm and smile, without forgetting Carol’s participation all along the act and her unexpected appearance in a 10,000 watts light bulb previously illuminated … 

Backstage and in daily life, you were the most informal guy, talking convincingly from your work like a true craftsman, in the best sense of the word. Staying a few weeks in each city, traveling together, as we did during the “Zauber Zauber” Tour, you were just as simple and friendly as in a family reunion. Sharing a meal, or just a drink, joking about work or about a hotel room or an apartment, it was always cool and pleasant. If anyone was even-tempered, it was truly you.  

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With Marvyn & Carol Roy “Mr Electric” – Las Vegas, 2002

You are now back near to your beloved Carol (1929 – 2009). Are you gone ? NO, you have both a major place in the magicians’ firmament, and even better said : in the international artists’ firmament. 

* ”The Great Masters of Magic” : Marvyn & Carol Roy, Tina Lenert, Milo & Roger, Norm Nielsen, Omar Pasha, Prasanna Rao, Shimada, Jacky Steel & Athene, Alexander, Jeff, Mark Stevens toured the German cities of Berlin, Munich, Francfort on Main, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Essen.

* * * * * * *

R O Y   H O R N

10.03.1944 – 05.08.2020

The extremely famous magical duo SIEGFRIED AND ROY is broken as ROY passed away.

Roy survived the 2003 terrible accident when a tiger took him in his mouth as an incident happened on stage : he wanted to protect him by bringing him into the wings. Alas ! He was very seriously injured.

But, in this month of May, he didn’t survive the coronavirus.

The Siegfried and Roy Duo toured Germany in their younger years. Soon noticed, they were booked at the Lido of Paris before to triumph in Las Vegas.

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In the Siegfried and Roy’s dressing room at the Mirage Hotel and Casino theater, March 1997

We met them several times in Germany as well as in Las Vegas.

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March 1997

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02.17.1934 – 04.21.2020

We heard with great sadness that Norm Nielsen passed away. So many memories rise up. So many images from his famous magic and musical act reappear before our eyes.

Not only Norm mastered an impeccable magical technique but also the audiences noticed how classy he was, how his gesture was refined and handsome, how expressive he was.

Norm was one of the famous artists magicians booked for the original and memorable “Zauber Zauber” show which toured several big German cities in 1986 and 1987. The show presented in some of the best theaters, for about a month in each city, was mostly sold out. That was the longest engagement we had together with Norm. 

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After a press conference, three of the magicians from the “Zauber Zauber” Tour : Milo (from the comic act Milo and Roger), Norm Nielsen and Marvin Roy (Mr Electric)

It turned out that we mostly shared the same dressing room with Norm. He was a reserved man, a charming guy, always in a constant mood, focused on his stage work.

Added to his worldwide well known act, Norm performed also a very nice flying grand piano. The producers had asked him for that special creation.

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Poster from the “Zauber Zauber” 1987 Tour with, at right, after a press conference : Omar Pasha – Ernest Ostrowsky

Beyond the shows, Norm was permanently looking, since ever, for old original magical posters. Years later, it would become a very large part of his commercial business.

You are alive in our memories. And we do not forget your physical training in the dressing rooms. Each day, between other exercises, you did a handstand. Sometime coins were falling from your pockets. Some sort of a funny reminder of your act … We were laughing together.

Our heartfelt thoughts are with your wife Lupe and your daughters.

* * * * * * *

“The Best Magicians of the World”, “Vive La Magia”, with Juan Mayoral as artistic director. This International Magic Festival has taken Omar Pasha in big sold-out theaters, with enthusiastic spectators, through Spain in the cities of (click : ) Burgos”, Valladolid”, Palencia”, Salamanca”, Soria”, Segovia”, and Donostia (San Sebastian”)

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The magicians posing for pictures taken by the spectators, after the show, here in Valladolid, coming out of the huge theater room of the “Miguel Delibes” Cultural Center, from left to right : Mago Migue, Huang Zheng, Omar Pasha, David Kaplan, Arno, Kenris Murat.

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Hello dear friends and website’s visitors, today we have two informations for you :

Opening of 2 new photo albums in the GALLERY section, the amazing city of  “SHANGHAI” and the Happy Valley Park at “SHENZHEN”. All together, we performed 8 contracts in China

and our thanks to the tremendous number of international visitors of our website and LinkedIn page. You are living in dozens and dozens of different countries. We greet you all. Thank you so much for your interest.

If you wish to know more about our engagements in Shanghai (click : “SHANGHAI Show”) and/or in Shenzhen (click : “SHENZHEN Show”).

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1928 – 2019

(picture X)

The French artist and magician James Hodges passed away on Sunday 3 February 2019.

We knew that you were quite sick. We met you last (with Liliane, of course) already weakened, at the Paris Rond-Point Theater. Yes, but as soon as we spoke about show in general, magic, art, you had your sparkling eyes and your firm voice. You were quickly enthusiastic, in criticism as well as in approval. The ideas flowed, as ever.

And then Vanina, the youngest of your children, writes us : “It is over. He passed away in his sleep.”  

But no, you are still with us, alive in our minds, in our memories, one of our beloved ones. Thousand memories, thousand images come flooding back. You are the young man we meet for the first time in the city of Vichy in 1954. You are 26, Michelle and Ernest are teenagers. You are member of the jury of the “World Contest for Young Hopefuls of the Dance”, we are young dancers … 65 years ago ! And then, there are all those frequent lively meetings, full of artistic exchanges and great laughs. In 1958, at the Parisian theater ”La Tomate”it is our start in “Black Art” under your guidance. For years, we have never stopped our meetings, until our never ending travels spaced out our encounters. But each time it was just as though not a single day had gone by.

Your rich and teeming with life personality, embraced the full artistic spectrum, magic, theatre in its fullness, in fact show in general, music, painting, all the visual arts. And why to say that in the past tense ? You are this man who is a friend, an older brother.

You have not left, you are not gone, you are still alive in the mind of so many dear ones.

Big hugs Liliane, you the constant companion, and you the six “kids” : Vanina, Yann, Audrey, Xavier, Oona, Maylis and your families.

Good bye, James.

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A part of James Hodges’ family 

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Pierre Albanese reads a message from Serge Odin, President of the FFAP (French National Magic Association)

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It is a pleasure to let you know that two more Galleries are available in the

« GALLERY » section with :  

international posters featuring Omar Pasha in 10 different countries over the period 1977/2016 ,

and international press front pages about us over the period 1975/2015.

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It is an honor to be booked for the third time in a World Magic Congress of Magic FISM.

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Visit the « GALLERY » section with the new pictures : the international magic in Beijing 2009 and the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace and the contemporary city.

You will share the friendly encounters with our worldwide colleagues and you will join us in our visits of this fascinating city. 

Click :  « GALLERY »

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March 2018 : French special effects colloquium

Early in March 2018, I took part in Paris to the colloquium « Trick, Create, Innovate » held at the Science and Industry Museum.

« Special effects are generally associated with entertainment films and stunning Hollywood blockbusters . In fact, special effects are spread throughout the cultural and artistic industry including the French industry, from intimate movies through to television series, video games and magic shows. » … (Colloquium presentation by Réjane Hamus-Vallée, Giusy Pisano, Caroline Renouard for « les Arts trompeurs » (tr : « the Misleading Arts ») organization.

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Many fascinating subjects were covered in this colloquium and interesting facts emerged. Movie special effects go back to 1896 when the French magician Georges Méliès experienced the lock of his camera during a shooting on the Opera Square in Paris. After the camera restart and once the film was developed, the sequencing of the images became suddenly different … Movie special effects were born.

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Anne-Marie Quevrain, descendent of the Malthête-Méliès family, presents the projection of some Georges Méliès special effects movies. Originally a stage magician, he has been recognized as the inventor of movie special effects. 

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Image of a Georges Méliès movie : “The Man with the Rubber Head”, 1901. Part of the Orsay Museum Cinematograph exhibition, 1988

Decades later, digital technology has opened a whole new field of breathtaking possibilities. 

This colloquium has led to a « dialogue among artists, practitioners, magicians and technicians with researchers and theorists. » (Colloquiums presentation.)

For its part, Omar Pasha has created and performed through the years, all sorts of special effects for shows – both on stage and television and for various business and private events, including for cultural shows. (See The Act section, then the Creations for special events paragraph.)

The last round table topic of the colloquium was : « Magic and special effects ». On the right below, is Sébastien Bazou from « Artefake » a French website about illusion and visual arts. He was the presenter and moderator of the discussion.

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 From left to right, the French magicians: Gaétan Bloom, Claude de Piante at the microphone, Sébastien Clergue, Hugues Protat, Sébastien Bazou. Gilles Arthur is not pictured but joined their discussion a little bit later.

* * *

January 2018 : Two legends of British comedy

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The Two Ronnies in their iconic sketch “Four Candles”

On 1 January 2018, UK Channel 5 screened « In Their Own Words » a TV celebration of much-loved comedy duo Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie Barker.  

Between 1978 and 1980, Omar Pasha was part of all the « Two Ronnies » live shows on stage.

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Two pictures of Ronnie Corbett taken in Australia, in 1979, by Louis-Olivier Ostrowsky, are part of this TV show. To see the second picture and more, click : Melbourne, “Two Ronnies” show

To see more about  the « Two Ronnies » shows 1978 / 1980, click : The Two Ronnies

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October 2017 : Welcome to the new Omar Pasha website 

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Picture by Michel Cristien

See our new website on any of your screens, computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone.

Come back, we will complete our informations, stories, news and we will add more pictures.

We will tell you the story … of the Aladdin Lamp heading our pages, we will tell you thousand and one stories and thoughts about our work, our travels, about magic as theatrical art, about art on stage, and that’s not all !

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Picture MO

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