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Fourth generation in magical black art… and still timeless. We are proud to have handed on this famous tradition to our son Louis-Olivier.                                            read more below…     


In this completely renewed website, we tell you our history with the travelling Omar Pasha act. We start at the origin of this specific magical art.

You will also come to learn that we had a life before magic as well as a magical life before Omar Pasha ! 

Before magic ? For Michelle & Ernest, life was previously dedicated to professional contemporary ballet. For Louis-Olivier, photography was his first training and passion.

Magic before Omar Pasha ? Michelle & Ernest were already performing internationally their own magical black art acts. 

Find out more, with pictures and documents, in our Timeline.

If you don’t already know us, come and meet us.

If you do already know us, you will learn much more.


When browsing, you will find various ways to discover all about us and our magic. (You can click on the sections’ names here below.)

In SHOWS, you can follow – and zoom in – on our steps around a world map.  With one click you will reach our stories or presentations in words and/or images. The list under the map offers hundreds of possible entries into our stories and presentations. 

In TIMELINE, follow three specific lines linking events between Black Art, our life and our shows with Omar Pasha.

In REVIEWS, read the gathered paper clips which come together with the stories on the presentations pages. You can also classify the paper clips, according to your choice, by country, date, and so on.

NEWS will be published from time to time.

The GALLERY presents even more pictures. Come travelling with us. See some of our favorite images, landscapes, street corners, historical and contemporary monuments, street scenes…

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