The Act

“Omar Pasha is one of the greatest stage acts in the history of magic.” GENII magic magazine – Washington – September 2009

“When you think of magical black art, only one name comes to mind, Omar Pasha” MAGIC magazine – Las Vegas – August 1997

“It is a nice example, a humility lesson given again today by Michelle & Ernest Ostrowsky, as they entrust the main role of the Omar Pasha act to their talented son, Louis-Olivier. The success of the India tour confirms to me the reassuring thought that Omar Pasha will still light up stages of the whole world for a long time and for the delight of ever increasing audiences.” Serge Odin, president of FFAP (French magicians) in the French magic magazine July/August 2014 – special issue about Omar Pasha

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True to tradition as well as amazingly up-to-date, Omar Pasha is part of a magic tradition which is more than a century old.

Omar Pasha is the name of a magic visual act, which is world-wide known. It is considered as the international reference in the field of Magical Black Art.

In about forty countries of the five continents, the critics and the most varied audiences have appreciated its originality and the professionalism of its presentation in the best theaters, casinos, dinner-shows, revues, magic and variety tours and festivals, televisions programs, national and world magic conventions.

Among the numerous TV shows registered throughout the world, the act appeared in Belgium, Chile, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, U.K., USA, etc… 

Objects and people appear, vanish, change of place to the will of the magician, to the direct sight of the audience and without the use of props on wheels operated by assistants. He will even make himself disappear. With him the impossible becomes possible.

Like a fairy tale, this dream spreads as a magical choreography in the style of an oriental engraving, on the spellbinding music of the Bolero by Ravel, in a frame of red lights.


The Omar Pasha act fits to all sorts of performances. It can be for a single show as well as for a long term engagement. It has also been presented on its own.

Its setting up is possible in any circumstance.

The technique is accurate enough, to adjust the act to any large or reduced space, on stages or in unexpected places.

A simple previous consultation allows to forecast any practical question.


Still in the same kind of magic and apart of the act itself, all sorts of special effects or personalised scenarios have been and can be created, for business or private events, or can be integrated in stage shows or television programmes.

Special effects and scenarios have been produced for cultural or variety shows or for such companies as the German Lufthansa airline, Mercedes-Benz, French Renault cars, Mobil Oil, National French Gas Company, Merieux and other medical or chemical laboratories, Lancôme perfumes, Wella hair products, etc. and for television programmes, big weddings and other festivities.


Omar Pasha is nowadays exclusively performed world-wide by the French artist Louis-Olivier Ostrowsky with the collaboration of Michelle & Ernest Ostrowsky.