Athens, «Las Vegas Magic Festival»

November 2022

This fourth International Magic Festival presents every year famous magicians whose acts blur the boundaries between reality and illusion. These shows are produced by the brilliant Greek magician Jorgos, living in Germany. 

On the bill are the international artists: Anca & Lucca Mental Magic; Αndre Βlake Illusions; Jorgos Illusions; Omar Pasha Magical Black Art; Ramo & Alegria Comedy Magic; Τakamitsu Uchida Manipulation. 

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The «Christmas Theater», here in between rehearsals, has a capacity of 3000 spectators and is Athens’ largest theater

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In fall 2018, the «Christmas Theater»  is born after being the famous Galatsi Olympic Hall indoor arena used for the 2004 Summer Olympics.                       

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Omar Pasha is «one of the best modern alchemists of our time (who) comes to the Christmas Theater to give us magic, humor and strong emotions» 

City Theater