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Coventry, the “Two Ronnies” show

December 1980 to January 1981

Revival of the “Two Ronnies” show after its success at the London Palladium, in Bristol & Southampton, and after the marvelous seasons in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. see more below  Coventry “Two Ronnies” show program see more below The Coventry theatre’s front house see more below After the Premiere, with Ronnie Barker see more below […]


Southampton, the “Two Ronnies” show

December 1978 to January 1979

Revival of the “Two Ronnies” show at the Gaumont Theater, after its huge success in Bristol and at the London Palladium. see more below Southampton Two Ronnies’ show advertisement see more below Ronnie Corbett coming out of stage see more below Ronnie Barker coming out of stage see more below The juggler Nino Frediani coming […]


Bristol, the “Two Ronnies” show

May 1978

Rehearsals of the “Two Ronnies” show before a 3-week run at the Hippodrome Theater and the London Palladium season from May to August 1978.


London, the “Two Ronnies” show, at the Palladium

May to August 1978

Omar Pasha is booked at London’s mythical variety theatre : The London Palladium. It is in the show of two British comedian stars, The Two Ronnies, Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett. This show is presented by the legendary British producer Harold Fielding. read more below Ronnie & Ronnie in one of their extravaganza scene For […]


Sydney, the “Two Ronnies” show

March to May 1979

The colossal London’s Palladium success, the Two Ronnies show, is now in Sydney, at the Regent Theater before Melbourne. read more below The Regent’s theater read more below Sydney “Two Ronnies” show program read more below The Two Ronnies in their iconic sketch “Four Candles” Sydney, 1979 Flu over Sydney A week off in Cairns, […]


Melbourne, the “Two Ronnies” show

June to July 1979

[See Sydney, Australia, for more details about this first travel to Australia] We perform at the Her Majesty’s Theater, a wonderful classical theatre. We have a connoisseur and warm audience. read more below  Ronnie Corbett on stage read more below Ronnie Barker in “Porridge” Melbourne is a big business city. The weather changes quickly from […]


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Posted 21 April 2018

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