Melbourne, the “Two Ronnies” show

June to July 1979

[See Sydney, Australia, for more details about this first travel to Australia]

We perform at the Her Majesty’s Theater, a wonderful classical theatre. We have a connoisseur and warm audience.

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 Ronnie Corbett on stage

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Ronnie Barker in “Porridge”

Melbourne is a big business city. The weather changes quickly from cool to rain, from nice to nearly cold, and becomes warm again. Having fun or resigned to it, more than one Australian will tell you : “If you don’t like the weather in Melbourne, just wait for 5 minutes.” Another joke promises 4 seasons in a day.

Between other excursions, a visit to Philip Island : at the beginning of the night, hundreds of penguins walk out of the Ocean and come back up hobbling towards the sand dunes to meet up their young ones waiting in the nests. It is advisable to stay very quiet and out of their way in order to avoid the chance that the parents would go back to the sea.

Omar Pasha : stunning performance.

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