Coimbatore, “The Extra Terrestrials”

June 2013

Tango Production and Showspace produce a Tour in 3 cities of South India presented as a “90 minutes WOW guaranteed! international variety show with 9 breath-taking international acts”.

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Artists warming up on stage before the show

The city is not as large as Chennai. Nevertheless there are one million inhabitants. It is an important center for the textile industry and the computing industry is also significant.

The season in Coimbatore is shorter than in the other two cities and we are totally occupied with setting up and performing the shows.

The hustle and bustle is not as intense as in Chennai.

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In the traffic ! 

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Waiting for the bus

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The audience is awestruck as black magic illusionist Louis-Olivier Ostrowsky makes tables, chairs and people appear out of thin air and disappear.

The Hindu, Indian national newspaper