Stuttgart, “Famos Kurios” at the Friedrichsbau Theater

Variety show focused on the funny and the strange in this well known Friedrichsbau Variety Theater. see more below Poster of the show see more below  With Dieter Tasso see more below Postcard used as advertisement of the show

Böblingen (Stuttgart), “Magic Hands” Convention, 3rd engagement

Once again we are booked for Manfred Thumm’s Magic Convention. Friendly working with old chaps and new colleagues : Arturo Brachetti, Paul Daniels, Amos Levkovitch, Johnny Lonn, Peter Marvey, Sebastian, Alan Shaxon.  If you please! Is that all ? see more below Cover of the Convention’s program see more below  Page of the program

Sindelfingen (Stuttgart), 15th “Magic Hands” Jubilee Convention

Second engagement with Manfred Thumm. In this show we worked with warm and friendly co-acts  meetings : The Cattarius, Martin Cottet, Mr Electric (we meet again Marvin Roy & Carol who were with us in the great Zauber Zauber tour – 1987 – in Germany), Fantasio, Peter Heinz Kersten, Marc & Chantal, Markus & Trix, Fred Roby, […]

Stuttgart, “Zauber Zauber” magic tour

The first “Zauber Zauber” shows were performed in Berlin and Mannheim, Germany, in 1986. Such was its success, that the producers Peter Schwenkow and Thomas Schütte, decided to renew the show with a German tour the following year. This became a six cities tour over five months, in Frankfurt am Main, Münich, Essen, Hamburg, Stuttgart […]

Böblingen (Stuttgart) “Magic Hands” Convention, 1st engagement

This was an annual Convention (since 1978) organized by the magic dealer Manfred Thumm in the large Convention Center in Böblingen, a wealthy town adjacent to Stuttgart. Two renowned magicians are part of the show : Magic Christian from Austria and the Norwegian Finn Jon. At the end of the rehearsals, both artists had fun […]