Stuttgart, “Famos Kurios” at the Friedrichsbau Theater

February to April 2003

Variety show focused on the funny and the strange in this well known Friedrichsbau Variety Theater.

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Poster of the show

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Friedrichsbau janv-avr2003 + Dieter Tasso_modifié-1 With Dieter Tasso

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Postcard used as advertisement of the show

Totally incredible : the Black Art of Omar Pasha from Paris and the man without his head.

Bild Stuttgart - 30 January 2003

Black Art to exceptional perfection : Omar Pasha bewitches the Friedrichsbau Variety Theater. He inverts the established rules, tables are flying, candelabras appear from nowhere : Omar Pasha celebrates the Black Art with a rare perfection to the music of Ravel’s Bolero.

Esslinger und Cannstatter Zeitung - 3 February 2003

Omar Pasha shows the unexpected possibilities of visual manipulation in his Black Art’s interpretation. Poetically and with the power of color and light, Omar Pasha metamorphoses oriental stories into artistic tales.

Stuttgarter Nachrichten - 3 February 2003

Just as the pace of the Hula-Hoop act is lightning fast, so the magic of the “black art” is seamless in creating an otherworldly atmosphere. The stage becomes dark, fire red bulbs shine and in the center of those lights a man wearing a white turban bows. With dignity, Omar Pasha makes tables and chairs float through the space or even makes his assistants vanish.

Karolin Kraus in Stuttgarter Zeitung, 3 February 2003