Böblingen (Stuttgart) “Magic Hands” Convention, 1st engagement

January 1984

This was an annual Convention (since 1978) organized by the magic dealer Manfred Thumm in the large Convention Center in Böblingen, a wealthy town adjacent to Stuttgart. Two renowned magicians are part of the show : Magic Christian from Austria and the Norwegian Finn Jon. At the end of the rehearsals, both artists had fun with a competition of card boomerangs.

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Advertisement of the Convention

A young Spanish magician was also part of the program : Alex who became Juan Mayoral, a worldwide recognized illusionist. 

Also on the bill, with Omar Pasha : Bellachini XIII, Frederic, Robby Hanson, Professor Schnürchen, Lee Pee Ville. 

A Tour in various cities followed the Convention.

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The company, with Manfred Thumm (2nd from the right) – picture X

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With Magic Christian

With Alex, first stage name of Juan Mayoral



This act, already several dozens of years old, is nevertheless still up-to-date. The Black Art presentation with its oriental characters is reminiscent of tales in The Thousand and One Nights. Tables, candles and even a beautiful Oriental young lady, are creations painted by the master’s hand himself which then come to life, magically change place and in turn, disappear into nothing. There is even a beheading of an assistant with the use of a big sword. Without a single drop of blood shed, rather than horrifying, this takes on a fairytale appearance. And when finally, passing under a cloth, Omar Pasha dissolves himself into nowhere, you can only rub your eyes in disbelief.

Uwe Ohlendorf in the German magic magazine MAGIE, March 1984