A new life for Omar Pasha

December 1976

As they start to work with the Omar Pasha act, it is such a success that Michelle & Ernest dedicate themselves exclusively to it. The first engagements with the act are at the Le Sexy night club-music hall in Paris (one of the best in Paris), at the Eiffel Tower dinner-show and at the Folie Russe dinner-show from the Loews Hotel in Monte-Carlo.

Using their personal skill in the field of the magic art, dance, varieties and generally of entertainment, the Ostrowsky family follows the tradition of Sambalo and Omar Pasha. Altogether, they have developed and improved the technique.

The general opinion is that the Omar Pasha act combines tradition and modernity.

A theatrical atmosphere has been introduced, through work on the timing, in harmony with the music, in a way similar to a choreographic work. The tempo of the act has been brought back to 12 minutes, instead of the 18 minutes from before 1975, without deleting any magical effect. New costumes have been designed. The work has also concerned the interpretation of the main character and the acting of the assistants.