Second year with Omar Pasha

December 1977

The French agent Mrs Carmen Bajot reacts immediately and with enthusiasm. Very soon, she suggests creating a second group who would also perform the act under Michelle & Ernest’s control and in a double engagements’ planning. Along the years, different people will be the second team.

But, as from February 2000, Omar Pasha is again exclusively performed by the Ostrowsky family. Their son Louis-Olivier, who was the assistant in the act since 1984, is now Omar Pasha himself.  He started to perform the character in 2010, and since the end of 2012 he is exclusively Omar Pasha. 

Anyway, it has always been the Ostrowsky’s who have performed the act for magic Congresses and television programs.

Season at the “Folie Russe” dinner-show at the Monte-Carlo’s Loews Hotel (second of seven engagements) – between other contracts.