Düsseldorf, “Zauber Zauber” magic show at the Roncalli’s Apollo Varieté Theater

January to March 2006

A new magic production under the generic title created for the famous tour in the 80’s.

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Program of the show : (from l. to r.) Philip Simon, Jonathan David Bass, Nestor Hato, Omar Pasha, Jan Becker, Belinda Roy, Duo Minasov.

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Part of a report and interview on Omar Pasha in the Düsseldorfer magazine

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Posing with the Humphrey Bogart statue decorating the Apollo Varieté hall, for the Düsseldorfer magazine – picture Düsseldorfer magazine

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(from l. to r.) our colleagues and friends Nestor Hato, Duo Minasov, O.Pasha, Jonathan-David Bass

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Trier, February 2006. Our last visit to Hilde, widow of Willy Berscheid, the creator of the Omar Pasha act

Omar Pasha comes on stage. Objects appear from nowhere. Spirits  float around him. The magician makes the audience both astounded and enthusiastic. With the help of a magical paint brush, he draws a candlestick which appears in the darkness. He cuts off the head of his assistant and then makes him vanish entirely before to make him reappear. Next the magician stands on a sword’s cutting edge.

Therapie Online, 5 February 2006

Omar Pasha bewitches with his Black Art magic . As a virtuoso, he makes objects disappear and reappear within a second, until finally he makes himself disappear.  

WZ, 12 February 2006