Athens, “Art and Illusion” Magic Festival

April 2006

The festival is held at the dinner-show of the Gialino Theater in Athens. Juliana Chen is both artistic director and performer. Also on stage: Kevin James, Omar Pasha, Shawn Farquhar and Chris Randall. Show publicity is perfect, audience is superb. We have a great time, both on stage and off, with our colleagues and friends.

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 Huge advertisement at the Gialino Theater

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 Here above (from left to right) : Juliana Chen, Kevin James, Louis, Omar Pasha, Michelle, Shawn Farquhar 

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With Antonio, Kevin’s James partner

We love the marvelous city of Athens, which is so lively and full of history and archeology.  We spend our free time on visits to the Acropolis, to museums and other historical sites.

During our previous engagement in Düsseldorf, Germany, we gave a press conference with a group of Greek journalists who had especially flown in from Greece with Dinos Kotsinaris, the theater’s director.

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OP conf. de pr. 2006 Düsseldorf Grecs_modifié-1_modifié-1

Press conference held by Michelle & Ernest for the Greek journalists at the Apollo Variety Theater in Düsseldorf, Germany