Rome, “Supermagic” Festival

January to February 2007

It has been a few years now that our dear friend, Remo Pannain, has been living his dream by organizing a yearly magic show in a Roman theater. Remo is a lawyer by profession but his passion for magic transforms him into a professional magician and organizer.

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Excellent cast in a superb classical theater, the Vittoria Theater: James Dimmare (USA), Julius Frack (Germany), Alberto Giorgi & Laura (Italy), Vito Lupo (Italy/USA), Remo Pannain (Italy), Omar Pasha (France).

Remo has also organized our lodging on the top of one of the historical hills in Rome, in an extraordinary hotel, a classical Roman Villa. We are made to feel like noble or aristocratic guests. A very special experience.

Of course, we spend our free time visiting both the ancient and modern Rome as well as the Vatican.