Santiago, “Noche de Gigantes”, TV show

July 1983

The TV show :

A few days in Santiago for a TV show on the Catholic University’s Channel. Very professional shooting. We have been asked for a detailed script, the sequences, our suggestions for shots. General satisfaction after a good work and we all cheer up.

As an addition to the act, we perform a special effect : we make a famous TV’s M.C. vanish.

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With the TV Emcee – picture TV Channel 

It has been a thoughtful work, a true collaboration. At that time, too many European productions were shooting right away and did not spend any time to work on things again. Nothing was as important as the filming of an up-to-date miming hit singer.

We receive the keys of the city and at the end of the season, Omar Pasha is named as the best act of the year.

Omar Pasha has also performed in TV shows in many countries : Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, U.K. and also in Chile, Japan (several times in all those countries), Indonesia and USA.

What we have seen :

Pinochet is leading the country. We keep eyes wide open and have many questions in our mind, but we do not really dare.

Our Chilean producer is a marvelous guide as well as an outstanding magician and the Honorary President of the Chilean Illusionists : Enrique Gonzales Ylabaca, a close friend. He shows us his city. We even come inside the courtyard of the Moneda, the presidential palace. We walk along the Parliament house, which is shut since the fall of S. Allende : the garden can be seen behind closed gates and it is no more looked after.

Downtown : nice buildings with huge copper covered portals, shopping and pedestrian streets.

Sometimes, hawkers have very poor objects for sale on a canvas piece on the floor : elastic, thread, safety pins, tablet blisters out of their original boxes, non-valuable tiny objects. As soon as the police appear, they all clear off.

Generally, the police is very visible. Every night there is the curfew.