Milan, William’s Club Le Roi, new engagement

September 1997

The “Williams Club Le Roi” nightclub was one of the most important from Italy. Three people were managing the club : Gianni, Pino and Egidio. Egidio Contatto was the one running the show. He really loved the variety artists.

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This nightclub had a very good reputation. Among the artists, it was known for paying fees cash on the nail, so The Williams became known as “the bank of Italy”.

Egidio Contatto, a man of taste and looking dapper, was attached to the concept of a music-hall show (beside the strip-tease acts). In each program, he booked at least one renowned international act, such as artists having worked at the Lido in Paris. After seeing Omar Pasha in Paris, at the Milliardaire nightclub, we were booked multiple times at the Williams.

The orchestra was set up on the whole small stage and Egidio had foldaway curtains put in on the dance floor to facilitate our work.  The very few in the audience who were without visibility were invited to move in order to see the act.  

Many audience members were regular visitors, business people or members of liberal professions, wanting to escape from their daily worries.