Los Angeles, “It’s Magic !”

October 2000

The show, created by Bill & Milt Larsen, is now produced by Milt Larsen and Terry Hill. The famous annual magic show in California. Great audiences and only nice and good colleagues : Joaquin Ayala & Lilia, Roy Davenport, James Dimmare, Fielding West, plus jugglers “The Passing Zone”.

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“Omar Pasha steps out of the mysterious black-art cabinet to acknowledge the biggest applause of the show” (excerpt of the pictures’ caption). “MAGIC” magazine, December 2000

A lot of magical chats, many nice encounters with all of the magicians being in Los Angeles and visiting the show. (Because of previously signed contracts in Europe, we did not participated in the Tour until we joined the Alex Theatre season.)

Dale Hindman, at that time President of the Magic Castle in Hollywood, is a perfect stage manager, one you can really trust for a magic show.

Also wonderful invitations …

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With Milt Larsen at the Magic Castle in Hollywood – picture MO 

The booking of sensational Omar Pasha act.

MAGIC magazine, Las Vegas, November 2000

Next up was the artistry of Omar Pasha. The basic concept of this black art act is well over a century old, yet the modern-day, CD-indoctrinated audience that stalled out of the first-half of the show was in a state of astonishment. A 16 year-old kid at the snack bar said , “That’s the first time I’ve ever seen special effects done live, right before your eyes! That Omar Pasha was cool.”

"MAGIC" magazine, December 2000

There is the exotic : Omar Pasha, with his colorful “black art” from India, creates colorful whimsical black-light illusions of floating boxes, assistants who loose their heads, a poster that comes to life and a leaping candle flame.

Lynne Heffley in the Los Angeles Time, 27 October 2000