Medellin, “Festival Mundial de Magia”

February to April 1994

With : Greg Frewin / Canada, Christopher Hart / USA, Enric Magoo / Spain, Merpin / Argentina, Gustavo Lorgia / Colombia, Omar Pasha / France.“El Mundial de Magia” (The World Festival of Magic) is a Tour organised by the Colombian illusionist Gustavo Lorgia, a star in his country, through many TV shows.

Medellin, 1994 :
The theatres are packed. Audiences are very lively, reactive and enthusiastic.

City centre with modern buildings, clean streets, pedestrians going their way. Image of an active and prosperous city. We are told that many of those buildings are owned by the drug cartel. We are warned again to take care of our safety. At night the hotel is secured and locked behind bars. A small grocery shop is close by, but behind metal bars as well and it is daytime. Is it closed? Not at all. A smiling young girl sells us the milk we have asked for. Money and goods are exchanged on a small counter, between the bars. And it is like this every day.

Light breath, pleasant temperature, that is Medellin’s mildness. But it is better to avoid hanging around at night and you are recommended to come back home in a taxi “un taxi de confienza”.

Many friendly encounters with the Colombian magicians of the active Circulo Magico de Medellin. They publish a lively regular magazine.

Every evening he amazed the audience with his magic presentation. It is time to speak of his beautiful artistic skills. He is the best magician visiting us. All the required aura of mystery to enthral. His fine and stylish gestures make appear or disappear objects a thousand times faster than a twinkling of an eye. His act is altogether aesthetic and fine and includes a marvelous know-how.

El Colombiano, daily national Colombian newspaper