Los Angeles

Los Angeles, “It’s Magic !”

The show, created by Bill & Milt Larsen, is now produced by Milt Larsen and Terry Hill. The famous annual magic show in California. Great audiences and only nice and good colleagues : Joaquin Ayala & Lilia, Roy Davenport, James Dimmare, Fielding West, plus jugglers “The Passing Zone”. read more below “Omar Pasha steps out […]

Los Angeles, “Hidden Secrets of Magic”, NBC TV show

Hearst Entertainment Production / Gary Ouellet – Broadcast on NBC / USA, 18 May 1996. It took two days to film a superbly executed work, with scenery specially designed for Omar Pasha – thanks to a very good technical team, the same which had filmed the Oscar’s ceremony the previous day. Thank you to the […]