Black Art and dance

January 1963

The work together starts again : in black art, with new engagements at the “Tomate” theatre and in several  night clubs in Paris, in dance, with many shows in France. They also produce (partly with James Hodges) a puppet and dance show for children.

They create choreographies for themselves and for the Alice Ostrowsky’s dance school : amongst  others “Le Joueur de flute”, music from Marius Constant, “L’Histoire du Soldat” (excerpts) from Stravinski and Ramuz. Both these ballets have sets and costumes designed by James Hodges. Also “Jazz Impressions” with an original music by Janko Milovic.

They are booked in all sorts of variety and dance shows, among others in a tour for the “French Musical Youth Association” and in the “Dance Aspects” with the classical ballet stars Helene and Boris Traïline and Spanish and Indian dance stars Salvador Vargas and Amala Devi.

It is very difficult to make ends meet. Michelle creates puppets and dolls that Ernest sells : they have some of the best and most famous toys’ shops in Paris as customers.