July 1954

Ernest competes in the contest of the “World Congress for Young Hopefuls of the Dance” and is selected for the final, which unfortunately never happened.

A member of the judges’ panel is “a young man with dishevelled hair who does rough sketches during the show. It is an unexpected but for ever encounter and friendship. That guy was called James Hodges” (Gaetan Bloom in the interview with the Ostrowsky family, French Magic Magazine N°602a – 2014) See also : Timeline “1958”

Ernest takes part in a vocational contemporary dance training course in Zürich, Switzerland, with such famous teachers as Mary Wigman, Kurt Joos, Rosalia Chladek and others.

He joins the Genevieve Mallarme Contemporary Dance Company in Paris. 

Michelle obtains the diploma of the 4th high school year and joins the Art School for design and painting in Clermont-Ferrand.

She succeeds at an audition and is accepted to enter the Parisian Dance Company where Ernest is already working. She stops everything to go to Paris.