Coro, World Magic Festival

June 2002

Coro, like each Venezuelan city, has its Bolivar Square (an already ancient law has fixed that every city has to do so) in order to honor the memory of the “Libertador” : the hero of the Independence. In the shade of its statue, the Elders are in never ending discussions.

Coro was once the first town and capital city in Venezuela. Its historic centre is part of the UNESCO humanity world heritage register. The streets are made of standing Atlantic Ocean beach pebbles. Most of them are worn out by the wagon’s haulage during the past 5 centuries. Along those streets sumptuous houses are restored. Their clay walls are covered by roughcast and painted with bright colors. Their windows are protected by crossed wooden bars. Behind the walls, one can discover quiet shaded patios.

The show is presented at the Teatro Armonia.

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