Paris, Le Sexy cabaret music-hall, several months during the year

January to August 1977

Le Sexy, located 30 meters away from the Champs Élysées Avenue, is rated by Parisians, as one of the city’s best night clubs. The Sexy’s stage is small but works well. The show’s program alternates six international visual acts with young naked cabaret dancers.

The audience are French as well as foreign tourists and Parisians out for a good time. People from the Paris smart set also come along with TV comperes, actors and other celebrities. Sometime they sit down watching the show, but often they just have a drink at the bar or they sit on comfortable sofas in the “small lounge”, next to little pedestal tables holding drinks and snacks. 

It seems also that members of the Parliament from various parties meet there after night sessions. It is even murmured that a president elected in 1974 could sometimes be seen there. But we never saw him. 

In brief, Le Sexy is the place to be for Parisian night life.

Directors and producers from all over the world come regularly to see the acts, invited by Mrs Bajot, the exclusive agent for the establishment. And it has been very fruitful for Omar Pasha.

Over 20 years, up to the permanent closure of the night club in the nineties, Omar Pasha is booked for many months each year. 

In 1984, the name of the night club was changed for : Le Milliardaire.