Guadalajara, “Magic Masters”

September 2008

 This first magic festival in Guadalajara is organized at the Telmex Auditorium by G.E.M. Producciones Enrique Michel, with the Argentinian magician Mirko* as artistic director . The program brings together a group of artists and friends. With Omar Pasha: James Dimmare (USA), Christopher Hart (USA), Kevin James (USA), Mirko (Argentinia), Vik and Fabrini (Brazil).

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Out for a walk through the city. from l. to r., standing : Christopher Hart, James Dimmer’s wife; sitting : Fabrini and wife Lucie, James Dimmer, Vik, Ernest & Michelle(Omar Pasha)

Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico and is actively developing its cultural life.

Excellent work and superb audience.

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Publicité pour le Festival

The schedule includes not only the work, but also different visits to the Historical downtown, in the Tlaquepaque area, followed by a meal in a Mexican restaurant, complete with great food, an excellent Mariachi orchestra, dancers, friendly atmosphere. Also, a lunch in open air, in the park of a large out-of-town property and another lunch on top of a mountain, under a light roof, with sun and fresh air.

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Guadalajara – In the historical city center

We wish also to mention an after-show party hosted by one of the main sponsors, the owner of the daily newspaper “El Informador”. What a superb traditional yet modern Mexican villa, built for a cosy life, looking like a modern art gallery and also including a “room” for monkeys. The hosts and their other guests are more than welcoming. Everyone wants to know everything about each magician.

* Mirko is not only a good friend. He is a talented and sensitive artist-magician. Since our first meeting in the Venezuelan tour in 2002 he calls us his “Mom and Dad” in magic. Really, a true emotional feeling.

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