Louis-Olivier, the 4th generation in a famous “black art” tradition

18 September 2013

As known, Omar Pasha is performed the world over exclusively by the French Ostrowsky family.

We are proud to see now our son Louis-Olivier Ostrowsky (our partner since 1984) carrying on the act with skill and talent.

He had started to perform the main part in the Omar Pasha act since 2010, but now, with the Tour in India, he does it openly. And with an outstanding success, as expressed by the Indian medias, press and internet as well as acclaimed by dozens of thousands of spectators.

Louis-Olivier is honoured to be the 4th generation in a famous «black art» tradition, after his parents and building on their relationship with the German Berscheid family. This tradition is now nearly 120 years old.

Louis-Olivier links arms with his father

Louis-Olivier carries on the tradition – picture Michel Kempf