Erkelenz, “1001 Nights” show

November 2017

Among various corporate shows and other performances during 2017 in France and other countries, we have especially fond memories from Erkelenz, Germany.  

The acts on the bill from the “Thousand and One Nights” show, perfectly organized by Achim Lenzen, were the “Ten Ahead” orchestra, the Omar Pasha magical Black Art, the fakir Aladin, the contortionist Eliza, the Fauth dance company, the belly dancer Amira Shay and Soledad with her violin.

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The program’s cover

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Omar Pasha in the program

This annual charity dinner show has been organized since 1990 by the local association “XII Zylinder”, which works in aid of children with cancer. In 2017, the theme was “Thousand and One Nights”. A dynamic team arranged the event, including installing the orchestra on mobile podiums allowing easy moves to leave space for the acts to perform on stage during the evening.

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Lights and video checking

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During the show with the “Ten Ahead Orchestra”– picture X

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As in many German cities, statues brighten up the city center in Erkelenz

A night of oriental fairy tales.

All dressed in white on a stage all draped in black, appeared Omar Pasha, showing how the Black Art can really be magic. People and objects appeared out of nowhere and went away by the same way. People floated in the air and  switched places. 28 November 2017