Cali, “Festival Mundial de Magia”

February to April 1994

With : Greg Frewin / Canada, Christopher Hart / USA, Enric Magoo / Spain, Merpin / Argentina, Gustavo Lorgia / Colombia, Omar Pasha / France.
“El Mundial de Magia” (The World Festival of Magic) is a Tour organised by the Colombian illusionist Gustavo Lorgia, a star in his country, through many TV shows. The theatres are packed.

Audiences are very lively, reactive and enthusiastic.

Heat, nonchalance, the accent is smoother. The inhabitants have a darker skin. Music and dance are everywhere.

Some safety warnings are given. But we do not have any feeling of oppression or danger. Are we getting used to it?

Omar Pasha stirred the enthusiastic audience into clapping and laughing.

El Espectador, national colombian newspaper