Cologne, “Wintergarten”

August 1991

Omar Pasha is part of the show “Salut – Wintergarten” in theaters of Cologne and Düsseldorf : a couple of “small persons”, husband and wife, former variety artists, present the show. In the show story line, the husband has organized a surprise for the 70th birthday of his wife, gathering former variety and circus colleagues.They include a “paper cutter” – Macao ; a lady whistler – Baroness Jeanette Lips Von Lipstrill;  a clown playing music with small bells – Carlo Olds, and more. 

The show refers to variety performances from the early years of the XXth century.

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    Wintergarten stage set at the Cologne Philarmonie

Produced by Peter Schwenkow and Thomas Schütte, this show is directed by the famous Austrian director André Heller.

During these performances in Germany, a similar “Wonderhouse” show, which will be performed a few months later, is prepared for the Broadhurst Theater on Broadway,. (See in SHOWS : New York, on Broadway, “Wonderhouse”)