Berlin, “Zauber Zauber” magic show at the Wintergarten Theater

August to October 2004

A new magic production under the generic title created for the famous tour in the 80’s.

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Page of the show’s program 

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“Magie” – Die Kunst des Zauberns – German magazine – dec. 2004 – Wintergarten Varieté front house

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“Magie” – Die Kunst des Zauberns – German magazine – dec. 2004

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Photo shoot for the press, from left to right : Philip Simon, Vic, Louis and Omar Pasha, Kinga, Bernhardt Paul, Juliana Chen, Fabrini, Nicholas Night, Boiarinov, Jan Becker – picture MO

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With Bernhardt Paul

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With Juliana Chen

At the time of the original “Zauber Zauber” show, as well as today, Omar Pasha is part of the program. He is a Black Art’s authentic master. He astonishes the spectators with his fabulous act. With him, the Here and Now are totally forgotten. As a mysterious magician from the Thousand and one Nights fairy-tale, the French illusionist makes tables fly, candlesticks appear from nowhere or people vanish.

Berliner Zeitung - 28.05.2004 - Source : ©2017