Willy Berscheid passes away and revival of the Omar Pasha act

December 1975

During the first days of July 1975, as he is booked at the Eiffel Tower dinner-show, Willy Berscheid falls seriously ill. Shortly after, he is transported to his home town Trier, in Germany. He passes away the following month.

In October of the same year, Michelle & Ernest hear that  his widow Hilde Berscheid intends to sell the Omar Pasha act. Without hesitation, they wish to be the ones who will carry on this superb act, using their own and already long lasting experience in this very particular field of the magic art.

As soon as they meet Hilde, a shared emotion and confident feeling has developed. Much more than a transaction, it is an actual passing on, which is fulfilled. On a mutual agreement, this transaction is exclusive. Willy Berscheid had never granted any rights to his work. M. & E. Ostrowsky own “Omar Pasha” in all its rights, as they do with their previous acts. They are all registered and protected.

At first, Michelle & Ernest intend to present Omar Pasha only for Magic Congresses or Festivals, and to keep working with their previous acts as they regularly were booked until then.