Michelle and Ernest fall in love

September 1949

Ernest falls in love with a student in his mother’s dance school – Michelle Pacaud, who will become his life companion.

Michelle starts to study at the Clermont-Ferrand high school.

The dance teacher remarks how gifted is the “little Michelle Pacaud” who then will take an always increasing part in the dance shows. 

 The various shows of his mother’s dance school are acknowledged to be of a high artistic and technical standard, even if they are not performed by professional dancers. Along the years, Michelle and Ernest take bigger and bigger parts in these shows and in their creation, not only as dancers but also as choreographers and organizers. Michelle is also part in the costumes’ creation.  The high school’s principal even gives Ernest some short holidays to complete preparations for the main shows.

At the age of 14, Ernest has unexpectedly been required to direct the technical production of an entire dance show. The technical team of the theatre is kind enough to listen to him. Sets, accessories, lighting and music – everything works perfectly.