Les Baladins and the Invisible Man (continuation)

July 1968

The carreer of the “Invisible Man” by Les Baladins was going on : France of course, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Norway. We also took part to various magic Congresses and Conventions, to TV shows in different countries, to many prestigious gala evenings.

Also, creation of an act for children : “Circus Parade” (act copyright).

Summer season in Oslo, Norway in 1967 : one night, a fire breaks out in a hotel, facing a variety theater and the customers are evacuated. One of them, wearing pyjamas and a rain coat, watches the shop windows. He is a New-York university teacher and is working on a book called “Modern Drama on Stage”. He sees pictures of a variety show, for which he has not any interest. But one of those pictures shows a man with his own head beside his body (the invisible man from “Les Baladins”). Professor Randolph Goodman has just seen in Paris a drawing from Antonin Artaud, the creator of the “Cruelty Theater” : a man holds two heads in his hands to frighten two ladies. Artaud regrets that such an effect can not be shown on stage. Randolph is amazed that it is possible. That is how a picture of the act is published in his book.