The US magic magazine “Magic”

  Front cover of “Magic”

French Magic Magazine (FFAP), continuation

  Back cover of the special edition of the French Magic Magazine dedicated to Omar Pasha – July 2014

French Magic Magazine (FFAP)

  Front cover of the French Magic Magazine, special edition dedicated to Omar Pasha – July 2014

Louis-Olivier, puppets’ shows

With friends from the same age, he performs puppets’ shows for young children. captivated audience – picture EO  

On board the Atlantic ocean liner “Le France”

Shows on board the Atlantic ocean liner “Le France” during the crossing Le Havre – New York and return. Afterwards, we were booked for several cruises on board the “France”    1968 – picture “Le France”

Magic magazine Genii

Omar Pasha was booked for the “It’s Magic” 1975 tour in California. Alas, Willy Berscheid passed away just before. Front cover of GENII – Hollywood, July-August 1975

Willy Berscheid passes away and revival of the Omar Pasha act

During the first days of July 1975, as he is booked at the Eiffel Tower dinner-show, Willy Berscheid falls seriously ill. Shortly after, he is transported to his home town Trier, in Germany. He passes away the following month. In October of the same year, Michelle & Ernest hear that  his widow Hilde Berscheid intends […]

“Les Baladins” and the act “Ballad for an Invisible Man”

About “Les Baladins” and the act “Ballad for an Invisible Man” (act copyright) see : Timeline, Black Art line, 1965 and then 1966, 1967, 1968, 1973 to 1975

Other engagements with “The Invisible Man” and “The Pianist”

Les Baladins and the Light Fingers keep working in France and in Europe :  2 months tour in France and Belgium with the French hit singer Michel Sardou – 1973 – with “The Invisible Man”, Five weeks at the Paris Olympia Music-Hall with the French hit singer Michel Polnareff – 1973 – with special effects […]

Numerous engagements with “Le Pianist”

Some of those engagements : •After the tour with the hit singer Joe Dassin – 1971 (more than 60 cities in France, Switzerland, Belgium),   •and 5 weeks at the Paris Olympia Music Hall with Charles Trenet – 1971 • Magic Festival in Beirut, Lebanon – 1972 •Magic Tour in France of the show “From […]

Les Baladins and the Invisible Man (continuation)

The carreer of the “Invisible Man” by Les Baladins was going on : France of course, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Norway. We also took part to various magic Congresses and Conventions, to TV shows in different countries, to many prestigious gala evenings. Also, creation of an act for children : “Circus Parade” (act copyright). Summer season […]

Louis-Olivier Ostrowsky is born in Paris – and his parents keep dancing

Still the dance, beside the magic, for Michelle & Ernest, during the years 1963 – 1965 “Jazz Impressions”  music Janko Nilovic, choreography M. & E. Ostrowsky, Claude Batho picture  


L’Histoire du Soldat, Stravinsky-Ramuz, choreography M. & E. Ostrowsky, Claude Batho picture

Black Art and dance

The work together starts again : in black art, with new engagements at the “Tomate” theatre and in several  night clubs in Paris, in dance, with many shows in France. They also produce (partly with James Hodges) a puppet and dance show for children. They create choreographies for themselves and for the Alice Ostrowsky’s dance […]

Michelle in the Ilissos Duet

The Ilissos Duet, Greek songs and dances – picture X

Michelle in the Troïka Trio

Michelle (1st from the right) in the Troïka Trio, Russian and Ukrainian dances and songs – Nogrady picture

Louis-Olivier Ostrowsky as Omar Pasha

Louis-Olivier Ostrowsky as Omar Pasha in the early 2010s – picture EO

Ernest Ostrowsky as Omar Pasha

Portrait of Ernest Ostrowsky as Omar Pasha – in the late seventies – picture Michel Kempf

Willy Berscheid as Omar Pasha

Portrait of Willy Berscheid as Omar Pasha – in the early seventies – picture X

Document : Max Auzinger aka Ben Ali Bey

Max Auzinger was performing Black Art with the stage name Ben Ali Bey – picture X

Document : Buatier de Kolta poster

Buatier de Kolta : undated poster at the Egyptian Hall in London

Document : Ben Ali Bey poster

Max Auzinger presents Black Art with the stage name Ben Ali Bey.

Les Baladins and the Invisible Man

Michelle & Ernest Ostrowsky aka “Les Baladins” with their act “Ballad for an invisible man” appears immediately as a novelty in the variety field in France and in Europe and it is a success. From then on, Michelle & Ernest dedicated themselves definitely to Black Art. There will be engagements at the “Sexy” (one of […]

Hilde Berscheid passes away

At the age of 90, Hilde Berscheid passed away in Trier. She married Willy Berscheid  in 1947 and was his partner for their acts Sambalo and Omar Pasha. We shared such wonderful emotion, when we took over the Omar Pasha act from her in 1975 – friendship which only grew as we visited through the […]

Michelle and Ernest fall in love

Ernest falls in love with a student in his mother’s dance school – Michelle Pacaud, who will become his life companion. Michelle starts to study at the Clermont-Ferrand high school. The dance teacher remarks how gifted is the “little Michelle Pacaud” who then will take an always increasing part in the dance shows.   The various […]

Numerous engagements with “Le Pianist”

Some of those engagements : Tour with the hit singer Joe Dassin – 1971 (more than 60 cities in France, Switzerland, Belgium)   5 weeks at the Paris Olympia Music Hall with Charles Trenet – 1971  Magic Festival in Beirut, Lebanon – 1972 Magic Tour in France of the show “From Illusion to Fantastic”, directed […]

Louis-Olivier, photography (continuation)

Still aside from the magic, Louis-Olivier develops his interest for photography. In 1996, he takes part in an exhibition of the group “Club Photographique de Paris – Les 30 x 40” at the Photographic Encounters of Arles, France. In 1998, Louis’ photographic work “Blue, White, Water” is presented at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu. […]

The “invisible man”

picture Nogrady

After World War II

Willy gets married with Hilde and starts again touring and working with her.

Mr Berscheid (the father)

Only 10 years after the first black art’s experiments and presentations, a German businessman, being also an amateur magician, named M. Berscheid, travels the world. He is buying cork and other raw materials. Curious about everything, he watches around him, thinks and dreams of magic. An idea comes to his mind : it is the […]

Registration of copyright

The French illusionist Buatier de Kolta registers a copyright for “the modern black magic” in November 1886. Buatier de Kolta has also been the inventor of many magic effects like, here, the flowers paper cone – picture X  

Louis-Olivier becomes Omar Pasha

Michelle & Ernest Ostrowsky are proud to see their son Louis-Olivier (their partner since 1984) carrying on the act with skill and talent. He starts to perform the main part in the Omar Pasha act in 2010. Since the end of 2012, Louis-Olivier presents exclusively the act, first for Christmas shows in and around Paris (inclusively […]

Creation from “The Pianist” by The Light Fingers

Creation of “The Light Fingers” with the act “The Pianist” (act copyright), linking Black Art magic and short clown skits. James Hodges draws the costume for the character and collaborates in the adjustment of some magical effects and of the pantomime and comedy parts. After a few months of experience, Michelle & Ernest recast the […]

Creation of “Ballad for an Invisible Man”

Their friend Norbert Schmitt, choreographer, creates a new show at the “Folies Pigalle” cabaret in Paris and engages Michelle & Ernest with various visual short black art acts. This night club still has a good name in the Parisian night life. They will spend there more than 20 months, working some time also in other […]

M. and E. Ostrowsky start in Black Art

At James Hodges instigation, and with his magical and theatrical skills, a group of friends work on puppets and objects acts using some black art techniques for the Parisian theatre “La Tomate”. They all need to earn some more money and will share the work on stage. Michelle & Ernest are one of the three […]

Louis-Olivier, photographic exhibitions and publications

Aside from the magic, Louis-Olivier takes advantage of his travels to develop his interest for photography. Louis-Olivier presents in 1985 a photographic exhibition in the big hall of the Australian Embassy in Paris : “Beautiful Australia”, with prints from the 1979 and 1981 travels. Working and traveling with the act Omar Pasha, he starts a […]

Louis-Olivier, photography and magic

In 1983 and 1984, Louis-Olivier studies black and white photography with Christiane Barrier and Michel Kempf and artistic built-up photography with Bernard Faucon (Paris Audiovisuel). In 1984 and 1985, he has his first photographic exhibition “Seen from my window” in Meudon (near to Paris) and Clermont-Ferrand, with pictures from Meudon / France, Australia, Great Britain, […]

Louis-Olivier, first photographic lessons

First photographic lessons in Paris with Dominique Sudre. The following year, he has photographic, television and media lessons at the Rosny College of Hobart, Tasmania / Australia and receives an outstanding merit diploma. He also takes many pictures in Tasmania, that end of the world island.

Louis-Olivier, studies

Louis-Olivier starts to study through correspondence. From now on, he follows his parents during their travels worldwide. His school results are excellent up to the end of high school. In 1979, he stays in Australia for 4 months. He is fascinated by the continent. He takes advantage of his French school holidays and makes a […]

Second year with Omar Pasha

The French agent Mrs Carmen Bajot reacts immediately and with enthusiasm. Very soon, she suggests creating a second group who would also perform the act under Michelle & Ernest’s control and in a double engagements’ planning. Along the years, different people will be the second team. But, as from February 2000, Omar Pasha is again […]

A new life for Omar Pasha

As they start to work with the Omar Pasha act, it is such a success that Michelle & Ernest dedicate themselves exclusively to it. The first engagements with the act are at the Le Sexy night club-music hall in Paris (one of the best in Paris), at the Eiffel Tower dinner-show and at the Folie […]

Willy Berscheid passes away

July : Willy Berscheid falls seriously ill. August : he passes away. See also : Timeline, Black Art line, 1975.  

“The Light Fingers” and “The Pianist”

About “The Light Fingers” and the act “The Pianist”, see : Timeline, Black Art line, 1971 and then 1972, 1973 to 1975.

Louis-Olivier, childhood

From the age of two, Louis-Olivier does his first travels with his parents who have contracts in Brussels, Monte-Carlo, Beirut, Glasgow, Barcelona, etc. When he is five, he stays in a family to go to school, when his parents travel for work. During holidays, Louis-Olivier joins his parents who are on tour. Sometime, his holidays are […]

Ernest to the army, Michelle dances and sings

Ernest does compulsory national service for two years. Michelle attends classical ballet classes with the well known teacher Mrs Egorowa. She successively works in two different acts : “Troika”, Russian dances and songs and “Duo Ilissos”, Greek songs and dances. These two acts receive a good response  with engagements : in France : among others, […]

Beginning in Black Art

See : Timeline, Black Art line, 1958  

Wedding and dance and university

Michelle & Ernest get married. De 1956 à 1960 they continue training in contemporary dance, mainly with Mila Cirul, former dancer in Russians companies. She was herself trained in the Rudolf Von Laban techniques (who was the first contemporary dance theoretician and technique creator). They also learn jazz dance. Ernest keeps studying at the Paris University […]

Dance shows and various jobs

Michelle & Ernest are members of the Genevieve Mallarmé Contemporary Dance Company in Paris. In that company, they follow their professional training and perform at the theaters of the Cite Universitaire Internationale of Paris and of the Comedie des Champs-Elysees. Despite her mother’s support, Michelle has to do various jobs, from washing and ironing students’ […]


Ernest competes in the contest of the “World Congress for Young Hopefuls of the Dance” and is selected for the final, which unfortunately never happened. A member of the judges’ panel is “a young man with dishevelled hair who does rough sketches during the show. It is an unexpected but for ever encounter and friendship. That guy […]

Ernest, further studies

In 1952 and 1953, Ernest obtains good marks in both parts of the “baccalaureat” (examination giving entrance to the university). He takes part in the “Fondation Nationale des Bourses Zellidja” contest : after two study trips in Israel and Berlin, he becomes an award winner of this Foundation. This is a fantastic and very selective, […]

High school and dance

Again with the high school’s authorization, but also under the condition of good general school results, Ernest goes every fortnight to Paris for classical ballet lessons with Professor Leo Staats. He obtains a press card and can watch many shows in Clermont-Ferrand. He regularly writes reviews in the local press and later on in a […]

After W.W.2

Ernest moves with his parents to the closest city, Clermont-Ferrand. Ernest stays there until 1953. High school In 1946 he starts artistic studies : dance, music and later on drama at the city’s Theatre Academy. He mainly studies contemporary expressive dance at his mother Alice Ostrovsky’s newly opened dance school “Le Groupe La Danse Nouvelle”. […]

During W.W.2

During the war, Ernest Ostrowsky lives with his parents in a village in the Auvergne (Center of France) Michelle Pacaud spend her childhood in Clermont-Ferrand, the capital city of the Auvergne region.    

Omar Pasha’s creation

Willy Berscheid renews his work : he lists, with André Sanlaville (the French producer of the Festival Mondial de la Magie),all sorts of magic effects which could be particularly spectacular, beeng adapted into the Black Art technique. It becomes at first Zorindra and finally the Omar Pasha act. New world tours are starting especially in […]

M. Berscheid (the father) passes away

The young Willy Berscheid follows the track after his father’s death, performing with his mother. The act “Sambalo” travels around the world in plenty magic and variety tours. W. Berscheid, dressed in a white tail coat, is experiencing various adventures with a skeleton and with quite a few unexpected objects.

Michelle Pacaud is born in Clermont-Ferrand, a city in the centre of France

Ernest Ostrowsky is born in Paris

M. Berscheid’s company tours the United States

In the following years the show business situation makes it difficult to maintain a company and M. Berscheid creates an act with two persons only. He performs it with his wife and they keep touring.

Birth of Willy Berscheid

Origin of Black Art

The particular kind of magic called Black Art is well documented by the historians of magic. To be quoted are the German actor and magician Max Auzinger (1839-1928) and the French magician Buatier de Kolta (1847-1903). However, some magical research done during the previous years was already showing the way.