Santiago, TV show

The TV show : We perform for a TV show, on a different channel than in 1983, but we meet again some of the same technicians as 9 years earlier; a real pleasure. Good work with confidence.  read more below With the TV Emcees Omar Pasha has also performed in TV shows in many countries […]

Santiago, “Folies de Paris”

Summary : The show   /   What we see in Santiago   /   Valparaiso   /   The Andes Cordillera The show : read more below Program of the show Live stage show : “Folies de Paris”, one ballet and 4 acts. Some fast arrangements have been done : a wall has been […]

Santiago, “Noche de Gigantes”, TV show

The TV show : A few days in Santiago for a TV show on the Catholic University’s Channel. Very professional shooting. We have been asked for a detailed script, the sequences, our suggestions for shots. General satisfaction after a good work and we all cheer up. As an addition to the act, we perform a special […]