Düsseldorf, “1001 Nights in Marrakech” at the Roncalli’s Apollo Varieté Theater

A new show by Bernhardt Paul, the famous director  of the German Roncallli Circus and of the Apollo Variety. With his oriental style act, Omar Pasha fits perfectly in this show. Louis Ostrowsky (the 4th generation in that magical Black Art tradition) gets ovations at each performance. read more below Omar Pasha presented on the […]

Düsseldorf, “Zauber Zauber” magic show at the Roncalli’s Apollo Varieté Theater

A new magic production under the generic title created for the famous tour in the 80’s. see more below Program of the show : (from l. to r.) Philip Simon, Jonathan David Bass, Nestor Hato, Omar Pasha, Jan Becker, Belinda Roy, Duo Minasov. see more below Part of a report and interview on Omar Pasha […]

Ratingen (Düsseldorf), Magic Convention

Regional magic convention and competition for young German magicians. The Convention is organized by Detlev Drenker, the director of the German magic magazine : “Magie”. see more below picture from the German magic magazine : ” Magie ”  – May 2004

Düsseldorf, “Tierisch” at the Roncalli’s Apollo Varieté theater

see more below Program of the show : Mario Berousek, Jan Van Dyke, Oguz Engin, Double Face, Mey Ling, Omar Pasha,  Sblattero, Zebras

Düsseldorf, “Wintergarten”

Omar Pasha is part of the show “Salut – Wintergarten” in theaters of Düsseldorf and Cologne : a couple of “small persons”, husband and wife, former variety artists, present the show. In the show story line, the husband has organized a surprise for the 70th birthday of his wife, gathering former variety and circus colleagues. […]