Caracas, World Magic Festival

Summary : Arriving in Venezuela  /  On the bill  /  The cities  /  Security  /  Meeting people  /  Meeting the great painter Oswaldo Vigas read more below from left to right: Ernest, Louis, Yunke’s assistant, Yunke’s wife, Yunke, Michelle – picture X Arriving in Venezuela : Travelling from the Australian Gold Coast to Venezuela (with just a few […]

Caracas, “Festival Mundial de Magia”

Same show as in Colombia (February to April 1994), performed in a circus tent on the roof of a department store. read more below Program of the show with Christopher Hart, Omar Pasha, Mai El Mago, Metusen,Greg Frewin, Merpin, Gustavo Lorgia Audiences (and artists !) bear the heat under the tent (1400 seats always fully […]