Les Baladins and the Invisible Man

January 1967

Michelle & Ernest Ostrowsky aka “Les Baladins” with their act “Ballad for an invisible man” appears immediately as a novelty in the variety field in France and in Europe and it is a success. From then on, Michelle & Ernest dedicated themselves definitely to Black Art.

There will be engagements at the “Sexy” (one of the best night-clubs in Paris), at the “Moulin Rouge” in Brussels, for the Monte-Carlo Centenary at the Sporting Club, at the Parisian music-hall theater “Bobino” : “All the music hall’s poetry at Bobino with Les Baladins” (France Soir, daily evening newspaper). 

And among other engagements : the first class Parisian dinner-show “La Tête de l’Art”, a revival of the prestigious “Trois Baudets” theater, also in Paris, directed by the famous Jacques Canetti (talent scout of countless – future – hit singers), the Parisian “Marais Festival” (great yearly Theater Festival). And also the stylish “Paon Rouge” night-club in Beirut, Lebanon, a long winter season in a Glasgow (Scotland, UK) theater.

During four years, les Baladins were booked several months each year at the Le Sexy night club music hall in Paris.