After W.W.2

April 1945 to April 1949

Ernest moves with his parents to the closest city, Clermont-Ferrand. Ernest stays there until 1953.

High school

In 1946 he starts artistic studies : dance, music and later on drama at the city’s Theatre Academy. He mainly studies contemporary expressive dance at his mother Alice Ostrovsky’s newly opened dance school “Le Groupe La Danse Nouvelle”.

He is a passionate and enthusiastic spectator of the cultural and variety shows which are touring France in the atmosphere of recovered freedom after the dark years of the Occupation.

He discovers big shows, mainly ballet, in London, where he spends several summer holidays with his grand-parents.

At the age of 10, Michelle, starts to play, dance and sing in a folk group of the Auvergne region. The same year, she becomes also a pupil of the dance school of Alice Ostrowsky (Ernest’s mother).   

She is also a passionate follower of the cultural shows touring France.