Louis-Olivier, childhood

July 1967

From the age of two, Louis-Olivier does his first travels with his parents who have contracts in Brussels, Monte-Carlo, Beirut, Glasgow, Barcelona, etc. When he is five, he stays in a family to go to school, when his parents travel for work. During holidays, Louis-Olivier joins his parents who are on tour. Sometime, his holidays are extended because of his good results.

In 1973, he starts to study music (piano and music theory), which he follows until 1978, at the Academy of Music in Meudon (near to Paris). He passes with distinction every years final exam. He also takes part in the piano students’ concerts.

He is also involved for many years in swimming and judo clubs.

For 2 years, in 1976 and 1977, Louis-Olivier presents, with a group of friends of the same age, different puppets’ shows for young children. All the stories are designed and written by the group. The shows are very well appreciated both by the young audiences and the teachers.

After having taken good pictures with an ordinary camera, he has his first 35mm camera at the age of 12 and he is enthusiastic to photograph in France and during his parents’ travels.