Wedding and dance and university

March 1956

Michelle & Ernest get married.

De 1956 à 1960 they continue training in contemporary dance, mainly with Mila Cirul, former dancer in Russians companies. She was herself trained in the Rudolf Von Laban techniques (who was the first contemporary dance theoretician and technique creator). They also learn jazz dance.

Ernest keeps studying at the Paris University (Degree in History of Art and Archaeology) and Michelle works on the same subjects.

Michelle teaches dance on her own to university students and others. She also assists Mila Cirul and Alice Ostrowsky in their dance schools.

They love the prestigious international theatre, opera and ballet shows coming to the Theatre des Nations at the Sarah Bernhardt Theatre (now : Theatre de la Ville). Ernest becomes general secretary of the Theatre des Nation’s Club. So, they are lucky enough to attend all the Premiere performances.